Study Guide

Study Guides are optional:

The State of Utah uses the same test that other Credentialing States use for Licensure.  

The Study Guide is available in the up-to-date version. This book can be used alone for the ADC or the Level I exam.

The Supplemental Guide is for use with the AADC / Level II exam along with the Study Guide. (if you are loaned a version from someone; you cannot guarantee that the information has not changed and could affect your test results).

If you are interested in ordering a Study Guide(s), for any of the tests, contact us by email with your interest or simply pay via PayPal and we will receive notification. If you have not heard back from us confirming your mailing address within 48-hours, then please text / call Rhonda at 801-541-0030.

There are changes to the testing guide as follows:

There is a new chapter on DSM-5, and the Supplemental Guide covers MAT and Traumaboth new additions to the exam.

Registrants may want/need both books for the advanced test (AADC / Level II).

The Study Guide covers a significant portion of the test - it's the style of questions that changes from basic to advanced. 

Where the basic covers the “what and how” types of questions, the advanced exam has those and many "why" questions.

The Supplement Guide covers this difference, and also introduces MAT and Trauma that are not on the basic exam.


Ready to Test Study Guide $177

Supplemental Guide $65


Rhonda Odom 801-541-0030 via call or text with any questions. 

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Study Guide

$177.00 (PayPal below)

This unique, self-guided, 781 page manual provides our most comprehensive set of materials designed to help refresh and enhance your knowledge on many of the major, need-to-know areas of information required for drug and alcohol written examinations.  

This manual is our most comprehensive manual that will help you prepare for either the IC&RC, NAADAC, or NATI written exams.  It includes a 150-question sample written exam - designed to make you feel more comfortable with the actual exam as well as to help you focus your study and preparation time.  While the manual cannot guarantee success in passing your exams, it can provide needed resources to assist you in your preparation. 

The manual includes four unique sections of materials: 

Section 1: Basic Addiction Information; 

Section 2: Core Functions; 

Section 3: Specialty Information; 

Section 4: The Testing Process.  

We have updated information in this revision to reflect recent federal studies as well as CDC updates to the latest HIV/AIDS information.  This guide also contains a new chapter on DSM-5 information that will be included when the new test is put in to use.

Supplemental Study Guide

$65.00 (PayPal below)

The materials in this manual are offered as a Supplement to our Study Guide and is specifically geared towards content and information related to two additional areas of information (Trauma and MAT) that are not covered in the larger Getting Ready to Test manual.  It also provides information on the differences in test questions found on the advanced exam.

It is NOT designed as a stand-alone product, but rather will expand the information needed for those counselors who are planning to take the AADC offered by IC&RC and the Level I offered by NAADAC.  

This supplement also includes an all new 50-questions sample examination.

When used with the larger Study Guide, we feel confident that it will assist you in your preparation for the advanced exam.