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NAADAC (NCC AP) EXAMS: Level i, Level ii & mac

2019 NCC AP (NAADAC) Licensure Testing

The NCC AP Licensure Exam is "on demand" and provides immediate pass/fail results. We will approve for NAADAC promptly which will allow them to release your score to DOPL.

Although testing is “on demand” you still need to make two choices for when this works for you.

Choose the location and create two dates and times for your first and second choice options. 

Typically testing is Monday – Friday beginning at 9am (times can vary) and typically the last time of day is 1pm. They will allow you 3 hours to test; therefore, most do not allow you to begin after 1pm. 

To cancel your test or reschedule, use the website and login / password information that we will provide.  There could be a fee associated, separate to the payment for the test (this could be required by NAADAC / NCC AP). 

Once we register you for your exam, you will be asked NOT to change your password until you have passed the exam. 

You can email the registration to: and pay via PayPal (below).

You can mail the registration and payment to: AUSAP - P.O. Box 901418 - Sandy, UT 84090

If you have to retake the exam, you will need to fill out a new registration and create a new payment; we will then access the site and register you for a new test.

You cannot register yourself directly through NCC AP - your test results will be delayed to DOPL if you do not come through AUSAP (we are the NAADAC State Affiliate) - you will incur a $50 administrative fee for defaulting to registering yourself.

Locations for NCC AP (NAADAC) Testing in Utah (these are subject to change):
Logan * Ogden * Richfield * St. George and West Valley City

Submit your registration for testing along with payment. AUSAP will complete your registration process and payment and you will be notified directly by NCC AP (NAADAC).


$185 for AUSAP / NAADAC members for the Level I, Level II

$200 for MAC for members

$200 for non-members for the Level I, Level II

$250 for MAC non-members (of NAADAC / AUSAP)


NAADAC has a FAQ section that might answer a few questions you might have.  Head over there for a few facts. 

Practice Test:

Once you are registered (through AUSAP), you will have access to the NCC AP website and you will be able to order a Practice Test directly from NAADAC for an additional fee paid directly to NAADAC.  The fee is $35 (subject to change) and you can register for this Practice Exam after you have registered for the actual exam.  You will receive a score upon completing the Practice Exam; however you will not be advised which questions are incorrect. 

Your Licensure test scores will be directed to DOPL - pass/fail - upon Passing the exam you will need to contact DOPL to continue your Licensure Process

Special Accommodations:

You must allow a minimum 35 days in advance to provide the accommodations. Please ensure you mark the S.A. space on the registration form (access to form below) and attach this form along with the necessary paperwork it requires in order to fulfill the accommodations you need at the time of Registration.

** Do not send your payment to any other resource as this will delay your registration **

**No Refunds – No transfer of fees to testing centers or testing period **



NAADAC SA Form (pdf)